30 – 31 May
VIII Russian-Chinese Forum "Business with China: Strategies of Modern Time"
Location: Southern Hall, Forum Pavilion
Terms of participation: free entrance, badge checkout

For the first time the Sino-Russian Forum "Business With China" will be organized within the framework of China Commodity Fair 2017. Previously the Forum has been held in St. Petersburg and Moscow since 2012. It is one of the biggest event with a view to strengthening the trade partnership between two countries.

1 June
Conference "Business Practice with China from A to Z". How to Establish a Pension Found Using a Brand and Import from China"
Location: Southern Hall, Forum Pavilion
Terms of participation: free entrance, badge checkout

A conference headed by an expert in business with China, Dmitry Kovpak will be held on 1 June at China Commodity Fair. Dmitry is the author of the outstanding program "Doing Business with China", with everyone being able to replicate the success of Apple, develop a well-known product or brand and run a business with China with the trade margin of 300 %.

31 May
Chains' Purchasing Centerтм: China - Russia
    Organizator: Congress and Exibitor Center "Imperia"
    Location: Marble Hall, Forum Pavilion
    Terms of participation: accreditation request

    -- Targeted meetings with selected exhibitors;

    -- All facilities for effective meetings (VIP business zone, professional interpreters, presentation equipment);

    -- Prescheduled meetings with key buyers (federal and regional retail chains, wholesale companies, distributors)

    -- More than 400+ within 6 hours;

    -- Direct negotiations on OEM production mode with Chinese manufacturers and online stores;

    Apply for accreditation
    Заявка на аккредитацию
    для проведения индивидуальной B2B сессии
    с поставщиками
    30 May – 1 June
    Consultation Centre
    Location: Forum Pavilion
    Terms of use: free, badge checkout

    During three days an consultation center at China Commodity Fair will provide Russian small and medium sized enterprises with free advice on trade and logistic issues, customs clearance processes, signing contracts, also it will give the information about financial-banking cooperation.

    China Commodity Fair will launch 3 special demonstration zones:
    Fair's best brands zone
    Supported by China's Ministry of Commerce
    Home appliances and consumer electronics zone
    Zhanjiang Houshold Electrical Appliances Association
    Luxurious porcelain producers zone
    Shangdong Ceramics Association