Shandong Ceramics Association
China Commodity Fair 2017 will held a special demonstration zone of high quality ceramics producers presented by Shandong Ceramics Association. Moreover, some best ceramics masters are going to show their skills as well as uncover professional secrets.
Shandong Ceramics Association, established in 1995, is an industry social organization composed of the enterprises and individuals engaged in ceramic industry research, education, design, production and so on.

There are five branches:

  • The Ceramic Art Professional Committee,
  • The Hotel Porcelain Professional Committee,
  • The Porcelain Engraving Art Professional Committee,
  • The Folk Ceramic Culture Research Committee
  • The Expert Working Committee.
The Associaion has 567 members up to now. It mainly includes more than 30,000 varieties of 12 kinds of products such as daily-life ceramics, arts and crafts ceramics, garden ceramics, sanitary ceramics, high-tech ceramics, advanced refractory materials, ceramic machinery and ceramic pigments.

The products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions. Shandong Ceramics Association occupies a pivotal position in China's ceramic industry and enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad.
Shandong province is one of the important ceramic production areas and export them to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and so on, more than eighty countries and regions. While shandong ceramic as a famous ceramic brand enjoys a great reputation at home and abroad.

As the main producing area in shandong province, Zibo was awarded the title of "Famous ceramic city of china" in 2004. Zibo ceramic has become specifically provided porcelain for national party and government organs, just like Zhongnanhai, Ziguang pavilion , great hall of people, and Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Zibo ceramic was awarded "Zibo ceramic, The first cellar in contemporary china" by the Chinese ceramic association as a gegional brand, to become a famous brand firstly in ceramic industry all over the country.